Teaching Statistics

Teaching Statistics first appeared in 1979 and has been published three times a year ever since.

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Teaching Statistics:

  • is for teachers of students aged up to about 19
  • includes articles on teaching statistics as a specialist subject and as a support tool for other disciplines
  • is full of ideas and resources for teaching data-handling and probability.

Regular features include:

Practical Activities, Classroom Notes; Assessment Matters; Computing Notes; Curriculum Matters; Data Stories; Book Reviews; Statistical Diversions.

Teaching Statistics seeks to help teachers with statistics in any subject, course or discipline, whether the statistics is a stand-alone course or embedded in other contexts.  Objectives include showcasing resources and strategies for active learning and bringing curricula to life for students, showing how statistical ideas can illuminate teaching work and how to make proper use of statistics in teaching. Statistics continues to be increasingly highlighted in school, tertiary and interdisciplinary curricula around the world, with emphasis on real data and contexts, investigations, experiential learning and connecting with students’ prior learning and everyday experiences. Teaching Statistics is useful directly and indirectly for school curricula and standards in many countries, and for the ongoing challenges of teaching introductory statistics across disciplines.

The emphasis is on classroom-ready data stories, strategies and resources for hands-on learning of concepts and statistical thinking. The aim is to inform, entertain, encourage and enlighten all who teach statistics or use statistics in their teaching.

Teaching Statistics now has an online submission system (intended to speed up the review process).   Please see more details: www.teachingstatisticsonline.org Our first anthology: The Best of Teaching Statistics
is now out of print, but read the articles using the link.
Read our new anthology: Getting the Best from Teaching Statistics available FREE ONLINE as a PDF.
Teaching Statistics at its Best: 50 of the best articles from Volumes 6-14.


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